ANNAKLOD is the exclusive Italian brand of bags for women who want to be elegant and revolutionary.

A unique, explosive, sparkling, and cheerful brand that renews hope for a different and joyful world. With its bright colors and meaningful logo, AnnaKlod speaks of unity and solidarity.

The three hands, one white, one red, one black, represent human Universality. The open hands intend to approach, ready to hug. Together they seek, stretch, rotate and chase each other, surrounded by flowers and the explosive colors of nature, in a harmonious and perfect combination.

A courageous, unmistakable, and nonconformist brand that wants to interpret the Italian spirit in all its best facets. The continuous search for a unique experience, the refinement of style, and the dedication to every little detail stem from the extraordinary manual skills of high Italian craftsmanship.

Italian handmade leather goods

Beautiful, cheerful, and trendy, AnnaKlod’s creations are perfect for all women who love life and freedom. After all, what better than a bag can represent our style and personality? No girl or woman can live without the feminine accessory par excellence.

AnnaKlod creates bags, clutches, and small leather goods in genuine leather, entirely made in Italy. The high-quality Italian leathers are processed with respect for the environment to last over time: the traditional manufacturing process, typical of Italian craftsmanship, guarantees quality and strength to every accessory.

Each item has the name of an Italian city or region to emphasize the roots and identity of the brand. Based on the shape, capacity, and comfort, each accessory recalls an Italian place of which it contains and reflects some key characteristics. From large cities to picturesque islets, each name enriches the heritage of meanings associated with AnnaKlod products – always unique and inimitable.


Universalità and Eleganza:
the two leather goods lines by ANNAKLOD

Our leather bags and small leather goods come in two lines: Universalità and Eleganza – and these names are not accidental. To the delight of women, AnnaKlod always supplies unique pieces, entirely handmade in Italy. The characteristic jewel plaque of the AnnaKlod logo distinguishes the Eleganza products, while the Universalità line features a lively pattern. No product is ever perfectly identical to the others.

Identified by unique details, AnnaKlod articles respect the environment and CE regulations, including packaging. In fact, inside the box, you will find an additional 100% organic cotton shopper that protects each bag: by reusing it on different occasions, you can always carry the joy, optimism, and Italian lifestyle of the brand with you. The small leather goods are wrapped in a soft microfibre cloth with the AnnaKlod logo. You can reuse it to clean the lenses of your glasses, or the screens of your mobile phone or iPad.

Respecting the environment, to us, is also this: designing beautiful and useful objects, which can live on for a long time. Just like the elegant personalized delivery boxes. No element that constitutes the “AnnaKlod experience” is accidental: we study everything down to the smallest detail, with passion and dedication, so that you can reuse everything. In our design philosophy, nothing is ever left to chance.