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Are you looking for a fashion gift? Get inspired by AnnaKlod!

What to give to the fashionista friend always in step with the latest trends? How to surprise your girlfriend or wife with a beautiful gift that is also useful? To find inspiration for a fashion birthday gift idea, go to our e-shop and find many high-quality leather accessories. Divided into the two lines Universalità and Eleganza, our leather goods are handmade in Italy with care, patience, and skill. AnnaKlod bags, wallets, and purses embody a coherent philosophy and an exclusive concept.

As illustrated by the symbolism of the three hands of different colors that seek and chase each other, our brand believes in friendship, equality, and solidarity. These values ​​permeate each of our creations, giving each piece an ethical as well as an aesthetic value. Discover our collection of leather goods handmade in Italy and have fun finding inspiration for a super fashion birthday gift.


How to make a birthday special? With a useful and chic gift

If you believe that a gift should amaze, excite, spoil those who receive it, you will certainly appreciate the value of AnnaKlod handcrafted creations. Each of the pieces that make up our catalog comes from a long and defined procedure. Unique and accurate design, prime raw materials worked with skill and attention, treatment and finishing processes follow the paths traced over the centuries by the master craftsmen who came before us. 

The processing of leather goods is an art that has reached extraordinary heights in Italy: from coloring to leather treatments, the artisans know how to obtain unique effects and gratifying sensations. These high-value materials allow us to create fashion accessories that are a hymn to elegance and luxury to wear every day. Great classics like the Roma Boston Bag from the Eleganza line or more original and sparkling pieces like the Milano Clutch Bag from the Universality line express all the nuances of femininity with class.

Furthermore, choosing one of our made in Italy leather accessories means giving a gift both to the recipient and to less fortunate people: the spirit of solidarity beats strong in the heart of AnnaKlod. For us, solidarity, brotherhood, and hospitality are values ​​to live everyday and translate into concrete actions. Follow our blog to learn about our charitable initiatives: we donate part of our proceeds to non-profit organizations and associations that take care of the needy.


Lots of gift ideas for a trendy birthday on the AnnaKlod website

Choosing to buy AnnaKlod’s made in Italy leather bags and accessories means making happy those who receive the gift and beyond. An old stereotype still associates the world of fashion with superficiality and frivolity: the care of the image/form seems to be at the expense of content/substance. Sometimes, fashion even becomes the epitome of Western world indifference to less fortunate areas of the world. However, we think that the truth is much more complex than clichés. So, in our small way, we want to contribute and demonstrate that a glamorous and fabulous look can coexist with a warm, supportive heart. 

Buying our made in Italy leather accessories for you or a birthday present means doubling the happiness: in our e-shop, you will find many fashion gift ideas for the birthday of your friend, mother, girlfriend, or sister. Discover the refined leather bags for daytime or the gritty evening clutches, the comfortable and luxurious wallets, the delightful card-holders and purses, the practical and colorful leather keychains. We guarantee safe transactions and shipments in Italy and the rest of the world: contact us for more information or if you need advice on choosing a birthday gift.


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