Feminine, Supportive, ANNAKLOD


ANNAKLOD stands out for its feminine character and spirit of solidarity. Fairness, kindness, respect, care, brotherhood&sisterhood are the core values of our brand philosophy.


Feminine & Supportive

We believe that change must start from everyone of us, from our daily choices and gestures. That’s why we are proud to donate part of our proceeds to support the education of young girls living in disadvantaged areas of our planet.


Well Done to do Good

Buying and giving AnnaKlod means getting valuable items well made and capable of doing good. Help us support the girls of today to ensure a future for the women of tomorrow.


We design and produce original, beautiful, and well-made items. The final product must be perfect, but the manufacturing procedure is critical, too. We pay attention to each phase of the supply chain and each actor involved.


Buy AnnaKlod to bring joy and delight to your days.
Give hope to the women of tomorrow to make our world better today!