How to take care of AnnaKlod articles?
Annaklod items are made entirely of leather, so you should not expose them for a long time to the sun or excessively humid environments.  To preserve their harmonic line, you should also not overload the articles. In case of contact with liquids, we recommend using a dry cotton cloth to pat the skin. We strongly advise against the use of soap-based products. Finally, it is advisable to carefully store and guard each item inside the protective cotton case received with the delivery.
Where are AnnaKlod items produced?
AnnaKlod wants to be the spokesperson for Made in Italy. For this reason, the manufacture of its articles relies entirely on the hands of excellent Italian artisans.The name of each accessory reminds of the beauty of their country of origin.
Where can I find the specific description of an AnnaKlod article?
A description accompanies each item in its detail section, in the drop-down menu. By opening it, you can view the measurements, materials, characteristics, and details of each item, as well as the meaning of its name. 



How can I get in touch with AnnaKlod?
AnnaKlod loves assisting and dealing with its clients. For this reason, it provides a WhatsApp chat service, an email, and a telephone number, ensuring efficiency and speed in processing requests.
How can I find out where my order has arrived?
Each order will have its tracking code that will allow you to follow the package from request to arrival.
How can I request the exchange or return of an AnnaKlod item?
Returns or exchanges can be requested free of charge by sending an email to [email protected] within 15 days from the date of purchase.
A voucher of the same amount will then be issued to be used on any item.