USTICA Universalità Keychain


The Ustica keychain is an essential accessory that can never be missing inside a bag. Perfect for those who want to keep their home, office, or car keys in order.


  • Front Nappa leather with AnnaKlod brand pattern
  • The leather on the back in tan-colored calfskin
  • AnnaKlod logo hand-carved by Italian artisans
  • Golden metal ring with a diameter of 2.50cm
  • Size: L 5 cm x H 8 cm
  • Made in Italy
  • Packaged with a multi-purpose microfiber cloth, with the AnnaKlod logo
  • Handcrafted manufacture

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Ustica Universalità Keychain

The Ustica keychain in Nappa leather stands out in the Universalità line for the iconic AnnaKlod motif. The three hands that want to embrace the world are a sparkling and cheerful symbol of solidarity. This essential accessory cannot be missing in the bag of women who want to keep their house, office, or car keys in order without sacrificing style. In addition to the brand’s pattern, to make this keychain unique is the leather cut, which is never the same. Finally, the AnnaKlod logo, hand-carved by our Italian artisans, embellishes the camel-colored leather back.

The design and manufacture of this product comply with environmental and CE regulations, including packaging.

Why the name "Ustica"?

The Black Pearl of the Mediterranean: the dark color of volcanic rocks inspire the nickname of the wild and suggestive Ustica. Some say that this islet off the coast of Palermo (Sicily) was the house of the sorceress Circe in the Odyssey. The keychain inspired by the island of Ustica is the black pearl of the Universalità collection. A small but charming leather jewel capable of enriching your look: after all, as you know, it’s the details that make the difference.

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